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April 12, 2024
Steamy Sensation!

Last week, the Portable Mini Hot Towel Steamer by Fantasea became the unexpected star of the self-care world, leaving bath bombs and scented candles in its steamy wake. Who knew...

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Dingy Towels? Sposh Locker Room Bath Mats To The Rescue!

Spring is officially here and time to take a look at your towels! Are they still looking fresh and bright? If you're needing an upgrade, look no further because the...

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More Disposables!

I know I promised I wouldn't blog about disposables, but if it's selling then I must! SPA ESSENTIALS® Small Disposable Washcloths / 50 Pack - was a hot ticket item...

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We Got 'Em - Hot Towel Cabis!

Is there anything better than a warm towel?! Well, maybe a cold beer, but that's not why you're here is it! Warm up your towels with our Medium Hot Towel...

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You Need This!

If you thought my last blog was good, then just wait for what I have to show you today! The Original MakeUp Eraser - Wanderlust 7-Day Set was very popular...

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Get Your Hot Towels Here!

Is there anything better than a warm towel!? You must agree as we sold a bunch of the Parasilk Hot Towel Steamers and Kits last week. I personally like the...

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Don't Throw in This Towel!

Boca Terry has done it again! You gotta check out these new Boca Terry Magic Bleach Proof Spa-Salon Towels. They were a huge hit last week! They are super soft...

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Dry & Byeee

These new towels are awesome! I like them because the packaging is really cool - kinda psychedelic! Framar Dry & Byeee Biodegradable Towels were a huge hit last week. I...

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A Little Bit of Magic - Compressed Towels

These towels are awesome! They start out the size of a dime and with a little water they open up to 12" x 6" towel. It's like magic! It is...

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