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April 13, 2024
Enhance Your Extractions with New & Improved Disincrustation Lotion

Unlock the Power of Disincrustation for Clearer Skin:Oily, congested, or acne-prone skin can be a challenge for beauty professionals. However, with the newand improved Disincrustation Lotion features potent acne-fighting plant...

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The "Quarantine 15"

You've heard of the quarantine 15 right? Quarantine weight gain is real, and very common. Want to add a simple service to your menu that will help your clients firm...

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Slimming & Shaping With SCF

Body slimming is a year-round concern and sought after treatment in the industry.You don't need to be a spa to offer a quality, cost-effective and profit-boosting slimming service to your...

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What's That You Hear? Ultrasounds!!!!

If you haven't experienced an ultrasound treatment, you must go this week and have a treatment done. Why should you as a business owner, technician or office worker rush out...

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Baby Time

What were you doing 9 months ago? With the amount of Ultrasound Gel leaving the warehouse these past weeks I bet I can guess! The customer service team says I'm...

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