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July 13, 2024
Making the Stars Align: Waxing with Starpil's StarSoft Hard Wax

In a world inundated with waxing products, StarSoft Clear - Polymer Formulation by Starpil effortlessly rises to the top. This product, crafted straight from the sunny shores of Spain, is...

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Bigger Berodin Tins and Wax Warmer!

Berodin is known for its iconic Blue Hard Wax, but have you ever tried their soft waxes? My oh my, are they incredible!BERODIN AQUAMARINE TIN - Clear Soft Strip WaxGentle...

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Looking for the Trendiest Service to Add to Your Waxing Menu?

Waxing is huge, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. Another huge trend are tattoos! What do they have in common? Tattoo waxing, of course!I know, I...

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Wax Spotlight: Miss Cire

Miss Cire is taking the waxing industry by storm! After trying some options, I have found my new favorite!Drumroll, please...Miss Cire Besame MuchoBesides an adorable name, this clear hypoallergenic wax...

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Synthetic Wax Spotlight: Pink Pearl

ItalWax offers a line of synthetic hard film wax, that I am hearing rave reviews about!Why use synthetic wax? It has so many benefits! Hypoallergenic, allergy free wax for sensitive...

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Berodin Aquamarine Wax is Heating Up!

Its summer, and so everyone seems to be waxing up a storm. When was the last time you tried a new wax? What about a new wax for your sensitive...

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