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July 15, 2024
What are Corestones?

Corestones are revolutionizing the world of massage therapy, bringing a whole new level of relaxation and therapeutic benefit to both practitioners and clients. But what exactly are Corestones, and why...

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Offer Patients Soothing Pain Relief with Herbal Ice Topical Pain Relief Gel by Soothing Touch

Are your clients seeking quick and effective pain relief? Look no further than the Herbal Ice Topical Pain Relief Gel by Soothing Touch! This innovative product is a must-have for...

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The Table Warmer - The Forgotten Key to Client Comfort?

When it comes to client comfort, we often focus on techniques, ambiance, and quality products. But what if I told you that the real secret to a top-notch spa experience...

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Biotone - Massage Therapist's Fav

When it comes to delivering exceptional massage experiences, Biotone products are a favorite among massage therapists. Known for their quality, consistency, and effectiveness, Biotone products are essential for any spa...

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What is the Purpose of Props and Bolsters in Massage?

In the realm of massage therapy, comfort and support are paramount, not just for the client but also for the therapist. Props and bolsters are essential tools in achieving this....

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Beyond Cozy: The Sposh Plush Fleece Blanket!

Wrap your clients in the luxurious comfort of a fleece, these laundering, making them a hassle-free addition to your spa or salon.Designed with your convenience in mind, these Sposh blankets...

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ThermaBliss® Ergonomic Multi Tool Stones - Perform Hot Stone Massages, Anywhere, Anytime!

Elevate your professional practice with the thermaBliss® Ergonomic Multi Tool Stones – these handcrafted porcelain stones are a game changer in the spa, salon, and massage therapy industry!Unleash the Power...

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Beyond Boundaries: The Oakworks Alliance Aluminum Portable Massage Table With Tilt Backrest Package

Ready to take your massage therapy to the next level? Look no further than the Oakworks. This all-in-one solution brings excellence to every detail of your practice, ensuring both your...

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Warm Up Your Massages with the Earthlite DLX™ Digital Massage Table Warmer

Attention all professional massage therapists and spa owners, we've got a game-changer for you! Introducing the Earthlite DLX™ Digital Massage Table Warmer - your secret weapon to ensuring your clients...

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