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April 12, 2024
Why Do People Wear Finger Cots Instead of Gloves?

In the diverse world of spa, salon, and beauty services, the use of finger cots represents a targeted approach to hygiene and precision. While gloves provide comprehensive coverage, finger cots...

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Is Professional Ear Candling Safe? Insights for Spa and Wellness Professionals

In the realm of spa and wellness services, ear candling has emerged as a subject of both intrigue and debate. This traditional practice, believed to assist in the removal of...

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Does Barbicide Sterilize or Sanitize? Unveiling the Truth for Spa and Salon Professionals

In the beauty industry, maintaining a sterile and sanitary environment is paramount for the safety and comfort of both clients and professionals. A common query among spa, salon, and barbershop...

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Transforming Skin Treatments: The Impact of Quality Dermaplaning Tools

In the world of professional spa and salon services, precision and quality are not just preferences; they are necessities. For professionals looking to offer top-tier dermaplaning services, the Swann-Morton Dermaplaning...

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Mastering the Art of Safety: The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Gloves in the Healthcare and Beauty Industries

The Importance of Disposable Gloves in the Healthcare and Beauty IndustriesWhether you're in the healthcare industry, a salon, spa, or any profession that requires close contact with clients, disposable gloves...

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Looking Forward - Be Prepared to Reopen Your Business!

Are you preparing your business to reopen after your local COVID19 restrictions are lifted? We have everything you need to make sure your staff and your clients are protected and...

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Health and Safety for Your Clients!

Protecting your clients and staff means a lot in this day an age. The responsibility as a business owner to ensure the safety of his/her employees and, most importantly, your...

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Make A Big Impact With The Little Things!

Who says the simple stuff can't be beautiful too! Keep your random necessities just as beautiful as your satisfied clients with these essentials from Pure Spa Direct!Caution Wet Floor Sign...

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