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July 24, 2024
Hats off to the Facial Cap!

Looking for disposable facial caps - look no more! We have a ton at the Pure Spa Direct warehouse and shipped a ton last week! The INTRINSICS Facial Caps /...

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Are Frosted Tips Coming Back!?

When I was in highschool, frosted tips was all the rage. Is that coming back like every other style? I only ask because we sold a ton of the ARDELL...

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Facial Caps - It's Like a Mask for Your Head!

Although it was a short week here at the Pure Spa Direct warehouse we still sold a ton of Intrinsics Facial Caps. I like these because they are super light...

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Remove Gel Polish With Ease!

Looking for a quick, easy alternative to soak off gel wraps?Take a look at the Gel Polish Soak Off Caps! These inexpensive and reusable caps are the perfect solution for...

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Check It Out! California, knows how to party...

California Weave Cap - sounds like a hat a skateboarder would wear. Was I ever wrong! Our clients must know what this is for though, as we sold hundreds last...

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Sigourney Weave-Cap

An odd item that was super popular last week was the Ardell Reusable California Weave cap. We sold dozens of these so I looked into it a little further -...

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Facial Caps

Intrinsics Facial Caps were very popular this week as they have a huge variety of uses. To me it looks like the shower caps my grandma used to wear (or...

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