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July 18, 2024
It's Wrap Time!

PourElle Slimming & Cellulite Body Wrap / 250 grams - super hot item last week! With the warm weather on the horizon it's time to get summer ready! The Slimming...

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Single Serving Peel Off Masks

Spice up your offerings by using Pourelle's Peel-Off Masks!Chill out with the Cold Cryogenic Peel-Off Mask!This Pre-measured, single-use packet has a 2-year shelf life. It is ideal for damaged, Hyperpigmented,...

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The Body Peel Treatment

Lately, I have been talking about body treatments with tons of clients! It looks like everyone is looking for something new and fresh to add to their menu.What's my pick?PourElle...

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Caviar Indulgence for Effective Facials

Caviar screams luxury to me, but it also is a powerful ingredient for your skincare. Offer it in your services, and see the benefits immediately.Here are some options:PourElle Caviar Bio-Complex...

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Rejuvenate with Cocoa

The holiday season is here, and I am already thinking about Valentines Day. Try adding a little chocolate touch to your treatments, while rejuvenating the skin!Check out this awesome peel...

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Facial and Body Masks by Pourelle Cosmetics

Seems like there is a facial and body mask for everything these days. How do I know? Because Pourelle Masks were moving fast over at the warehouse this week. From...

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More Bang For Your Buck! - New 2 in 1 Mask/Scrubs by Pourelle

We are always seeing new and unique facial treatments coming out. We recently just discovered a really cool product that is not only a mask, but it also serves as...

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Client Favorites; Facial Masks that Make a Difference!

Get soft, flawless skin in just minutes, without the risks and cost of an invasive procedure, with POURELLE COSMETICS MASKS. The years you spent damaging your skin can take just...

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