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April 12, 2024
Check Out My Rolls!

Fairly new to the Pure Spa family - allow me to introduce the Non-Woven Wax Roll - 3.5" X 100 Yards by DUKAL! Although it probably needs no introduction because...

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Need Disposable Headbands?

I know my last blog was about disposables so I promise my next one won't be! However, if products are HOT I feel compelled to let my readers know! Non-Woven...

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We Got Rolls!

What's better than a buttered roll at 7-11 you ask? Non-Woven Waxing Rolls - 3.25" Wide x 100 Yards / Case of 10 Shrink Wrapped Rolls, of course! Buy in...

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Strips in Bulk!

Sometimes seemingly random products get ordered like crazy! I always think "It must have been on Dr. Oz or something". Well, this week we sold so many of the 500...

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Rolls and More Rolls!

Non-Woven Epilating Rolls by Fantasea came in first last week. Let's hear it for them! Anyway, we pack up a ton of waxing rolls everyday here at the warehouse for...

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Wax On, Wax OFF!

I had the opportunity to use the Berodin Starter Kit recently. I loved it! Everything that Berodin provides in this starter box is exactly what anyone who is beginning to...

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Rock and Roll!

If you're looking for a really big Epilating Roll then you've found it! These rolls are so big you can keep them in your trunk in case you get a...

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Go on, Strip -- it is a Fantasea...

I guess people still wax in the winter. Who knew..? These non-woven body strips by Fantasea were a lot hotter than the weather here in New York lately. Going out...

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Fantasea Strips!

I might as well keep the wax theme going one more week! These Large Non-Woven Body Strips by Fantasea were the talk of the town this past week. We must...

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